About the Author:

Andy Allwood was born in 1955 and will be 66 this year. He has been retired for 16 years and has been driven to write this series of books about this time in history as a record from his perspective.

Yes some of his observations are contentious, but they are meant to be thought provoking and offer some insight for others to help them make the right decisions, and by making small steps to change the world and save this planet. Whilst he is still alive, he will always be willing to discuss and debate his thoughts. He hopes his books will better the future of man and help others to deal with the next war (pandemic).

So always remember: Don't touch your face, wash your hands, don't share surfaces and don't be a space invader.

The Covid War Series:

Predictive Analysis and the Theory of Consequence

Attackers, Defenders & Cannon fodder

Winning, Loosing & Small Steps

Dragons; Facts, Myths & Legends.

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